GrungeGuy Gathering 010101  (January 1, 2001)
A handful of California GrungeGuys and one Englishman gathered at Falling Oaks Ranch for New Year's Eve 2001.  The weather was sunny and beautiful.  But most of us were WAY sick!  There was much snorting, nose blowing, coughing, and lethargy.  Nonetheless, we went out two days in a row for a couple hours and hacked away along the edge of the creek, clearing out willow trees and blackberries. 
Sadly, most of us were feeling too crummy to play in the mud.  Somehow, it's just not as fun when you can barely breathe!  A couple of us pissed our jeans a few times, but mostly we did only vertical grunge, and not even much of that.  Nobody wallowed wven once!  And no one managed to stay awake to see midnight on New Year's Eve.  We were tired sick puppies.  But in spite of it all, we had a real nice weekend.
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