Grunge Guys '99

4th of July Weekend 1999

Falling Oaks Ranch -- N. California Gold Country

Your hosts: TIM & DOUG

Falling Oaks Ranch is a WET MAN's DREAM, with plenty of privacy, a nice muddy creek, an irrigation canal (the ditch) for cleaning up & cooling down, and a gorgeous new outdoor stone shower for washing up, either with muddy boots on or bare-assed naked.

About 20 Grunge Guys gathered to celebrate the 4th of July holiday in dirty grubby style. Guys came from as all over the US and even London UK. These dudes dig their boots, Levis, Wranglers, Carhartts, chaps, & leathers worn, wet, muddy, pissed, dusted, greased, and generally as grungy & abused as possible.

We had great fun clearin off a bunch of the creek, makin the mud sloppier & sloppier, workin up a sweat, & workin out our bods. It was Paradise! The mud was wonderful, the ditch was delightful, the shower got well broken in, and the beer, coffee, & piss flowed forever. Some of us went to the Rodeo and showed the cowboys how hot wet Wrangler crotches look, and how good squishy wet cowboy boots sound.

Man, did we have fun! Wish you coulda been there!

Was this a hot weekend or what !?!?

Mud Buds Ride'em Cowboy

2 Mudders 3 Mudders

Dan's stuck 4x4 made us a real nice mud hole

Ummm, ummm, ummm!

A whole bunch of Mudders!!

Check it out, man!

Nothin' says lovin like huggin when muddin!

Dave cleans up in the Ditch

Updated 7/11/99. Look for new pictures now & then.

See ya, Bud!

Take care & stay wet !