It was a fantastic four days at Falling Oaks Ranch, July 1 - 4!

I left home in San Francisco on Saturday, the 1st, at 11:45 am and headed for Tim and Doug's place about 125 miles away.  I figured I'd get there around 2 to 2:30.  Wrong!  The traffic on I-80 was unbelievable, crawling along at about 10 mph in several places and often coming to a complete stop.  I only made one pitstop at In & Out Burger for about 20 minutes and the rest of the time I was on the road, and it still took me until 4:20 to get there.

Tim met me as I drove up the driveway, showed me where to park and told me to follow the fence around to the back yard.  When I got back there I immediately knew I was going to have a good time.  There were only 6 guys there, but all of them had wet crotches and some were already covered in mud!

Tim gave me a tour of their ranch, showing me their horses, chickens, cats and dogs, the canal and especially the beautiful muddy creek.  I changed from my Wescos into my Chippewas and it wasn't long before several of us were up to our necks in mud down by the rocks at the lower end of the creek.  It was perfect!  Poor Doug was unable to get muddy, temporarily, due to a cut in his heel, so he sat on the sidelines and watched, but the rest of us had a great time.

After about an hour or so in the mud we decided we'd better go clean off in the canal because it was starting to get cool and breezy.  Man, did I have a tough time trying to walk from the creek to the canal with my boots full of water and mud and my legs caked with the thick drying mud.

After cleaning up and changing I set up my tent and then we spent the evening visiting, getting to know each other better, eating barbecued chicken and pissing on one another.  Everyone there was into getting wet! Attending on Saturday was D from Santa Monica, T from Sunnyvale, R from Chicago - who attended last year, M from London, England, myself, Tim and Doug.   T left early, D, R and M all left at about 10 for their hotels and Tim and Doug soon called it a night, so I was alone with Roxy, the dog, gazing at the stars and watching the jets go into Sacramento airport.  I was the only camper. Sunday morning I met D from Seattle, who had arrived at 1 am after driving pretty much non-stop all the way from home.  Doug and Tim had coffee brewing, and there were rolls and donuts to start on.  Later we all had some instant oatmeal and bananas. 

By late morning D, R and M had returned, C from San Francisco and Greg from Sacramento had arrived, and we all headed for the creek with shovels, rakes and clippers.  (D and Greg, like R, were returnees, having been at last year's party.) We chopped and pulled and raked and dug out old vines, blackberry bushes, weeds and old lumber, clearing a new mud hole upstream from the one we used on Saturday.  After working for a while, the group was all in the mud, playing and wresting and having a great time together.  Even Doug was able to join in. After a break for lunch, several of us were back in the creek. 

B from south of San Jose had arrived and he joined us in the mud.  Later on in the afternoon, K from near Portland, Oregon, arrived, Greg headed home and C headed back to San Francisco for the night.  D and B set up theirtents, so I was no longer the only camper. The evening was spent visiting and enjoying each other's company, eating barbecued burgers and keeping each other wet.  Late in the evening R, K, and M headed for their hotels, D curled up in his sleeping bad on the deck, Tim and Doug crawled off to bed, and D, B and I did some more visiting and playing around.  It started getting more breezy and cool, and since we were all quite wet, we got cold rather quickly, so decided to call it a night and headed to our tents.

Monday morning we awoke to mostly cloudy skies.  What's with this weird weather?  D had already left for home.  We had coffee and rolls, and then Doug cooked us up a breakfast of fresh eggs, that D gathered from the barn, along with bacon.   By late morning, R, K, M and C had returned, the clouds had slowly departed and it finally warmed up and turned into a nice day.

I was having a good time keeping my Carharts wet, and others were having fun soaking themselves and others.  B was drenched by late morning.  K showed us some special J-powder he uses to keep himself gooey, and this was D's day for a continual ward-Re change from jeans to motocross leather pants, to leather jeans, to Carharts, to more jeans and more leather, along with several different pairs of boots.  He had a lot of stuff he had to "break in". D helped Tim get the siphon pipe running again, R added some water to the north mud hole and the fun in the mud continued. Several of us tried out the north hole that had some thick, heavy mud before going to the creek.  C and I did some more clearing of the southern hole, D and B went into the deep hole with all the algae, and R worked on clearing more of yesterday's hole, as others played and worked in the creek.  D, Doug and R all enjoyed a nice afternoon oil session in the work shop.

Later on, after cleaning off the mud and oil, R departed and we all helped prepare a nice meal of barbecued chicken, potato salad, corn on cob and watermelon, as everyone used D as a urinal.  C amazed us all with his fire hose, and got dubbed with the nickname "Hoser".

After dinner, Doug got the burn barrel going, and we all sat around visiting and enjoying the warmth of the fire.  It was getting cold so we all decided that it was smart to get dry and stay that way for the rest of the night.  After a while, the hotel guys departed, Doug and Tim hit the sack and D, B and I ended up keeping the fire going and making steam with our piss. D was leaving early in the morning, so we said our good-byes and finally called it a night.

On Tuesday, the 4th of July, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day that was warmer than the past two or three.  D had already left for his long drive home.  After coffee and pastry, I took my tent down and prepared to leave.  I had to get home in preparation for work on Wednesday and decided to leave earlier than originally planned so I'd avoid the traffic jams coming back into the city.

C, K and M returned, and a new guy whose name I didn't get arrived.  (He was there last year and is famous for his whitejacket and jeans.) [That was K2 from San Jose. - ed.] Shortly after noon I said my good byes and departed for San Francisco.  I beat the traffic and had smooth sailing all the way home.

Throughout the four days there were lots of photos taken.  I took a few, but I was too busy having fun most of the time to think about my camera.  :-)  Tim and M both took a lot of photos, and M and Doug had their video cameras going, so we should see a lot of pictures of the weekend in the days ahead. My thanks go to Tim and Doug for hosting a wonderful four days, and to all the guys who attended and made this an adventure I won't forget.  Although I've played in mud before and have engaged in water sports many many times, this was the first time where I was with a group devoted entirely to the love of piss and mud and where I felt completely comfortable doing whatever I wanted when I wanted.  It was far better than I expected and I had a fantastic time!!  I hope to see all of you there at the next Grunge Guy Gathering!  Stay wet and muddy!