GrungeGuys Gathering 2002

Ready to greet the crowd!

2002 GrungeGuys Gathering
We did it again -- So hot, so wet!


51 Guys this year, a record again.  An extremely relaxing weekend - no deadlines, no drama, no crises, just great guys hangin out & gettin grungy 4 days straight.  

Those that couldn't attend can only imagine some of the party thru these pics.  There wasn't a photographer at every hot moment, I guarantee that.  There is no way possible to capture the action, the feeling, and the environment in a few pictures.

 Pictures can't convey the great grub, the noisy roosters, the starry nights, hangin around the mess hall pissin on your buds, and all the rest of the fun we had.  Most of all, pictures can't convey the camaraderie, the mellow vibes, the man-to-man good feelings that abounded all around.  There's nothin quite like sharing great grunge with a bunch of guys for days.

This is an odd-lot batch of pictures.  I gave up trying to sort them into logical groups.  There are some significant items lacking.  I've got no pics from the grease shed, although there are a couple aftermath shots.  And much to my surprise, there are only a couple piss pics.  That's amazing, considering just about everyone pissed on himself or a bud most of the weekend.  But all that notwithstanding . . . . 

Once again, it was truly a wet man's dream!