GrungeGuys Gathering 2003

Nature boys in action

GrungeGuys Gathering 2003
Another wet muddy long hot weekend.


This year was just as good as last year.  Same perfect weather, same scenery, same cameraderie, same grunge, many of the same guys.  
Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Seven of us went on a caving expedition Friday morning.  A long drive down to California Caverns near San Andreas, then cave crawl, clean up, eat, and drive back -- it was a 12+ hour day.  But we had a ball!  Our guides were super, and let us play an extra hour and a half in the mud-wallowiest part of the cave.  This was the wiggle-thru-holes, crawl on your belly tour.  They have the stickiest clay mud you've ever seen.  There's a longer deeper tour too -- maybe next year.

Not quite as many pics taken this year.  Most guys wanted to play, not pose, and so these pics don't cover the entire event.  Sadly, no grease pics - the weather was pretty hot for gettin all greasy.  But plenty of mud, water, & piss pics for your enjoyment.

If you weren't there, you missed another
Wet Man's Dream!