GrungeGuys Gathering 2006


Gettin cozy!

Once again, the Gathering was a smashing success!   Even better than last year, by pretty much unanimous concensus.  The shared meals and kitchen chores really made a difference in breaking the ice and making the group click.  (Even if it was a financial fiasco for the hosts.)  The ranch was looking super, the expanded kitchen was a dream (running water!), the new mess hall shower was a hit, the mud was marvelous, the ditch was delightful, and the lube shop was, well, slippery.  Even the food fight and the card games were a blast.  Who can forget margaritas in the ditch on the 4th!?  And as always, everybody reveled in the constant streams of hot piss!

If you weren't there, you missed another

Wet Man's Dream!
Can't hardly wait for GGG07 -- the best mud, piss, & oil party on the planet!