GrungeGuys Gathering 2014
Thursday July 3 noon - Monday July 7 noon


Registration Instructions
House Customs & Rules


Hey Guys!   Lets play dirty!    Lets get wet! 

If you'd like to join the fun, sign up now!  Maximum 40 GrungeGuys.
Suggested donation $35 per night night to offset expenses.  Camping, lunch, dinner, & next day breakfast included.  (Same cost if you stay at a motel.)
$5 to borrow a sleeping bag or tent for the weekend
Local guys (residents of area codes 209, 530, 702, or 916) enter free, but please bring food, beer, donation, or make us all smile.
All meals are provided.  BYO drinks, munchies, specialties.  Bring ice or cooler if you can.
Everybody helps with KP duties:  cooking, serving, dishwashing, & clean-up.
Read the House Customs & Rules.  Follow automated email instructions at the end.
Falling Oaks Ranch, a private residence near Sacramento, CA.  SMF is the closest airport, a 50 minute drive.  Map and directions will be sent after registration.

House Customs & Rules


These Rules are help us protect nature, people, our ranch, and neighborly relations.  They are common sense and common courtesy, and are not difficult. 



  • Discuss where to camp and where to park.
  • Volunteer for cooking or dishwashing duty.
  • Get a tent or sleeping bag if you signed up for one.
  • Sign the agreement & waiver, which states:
    • I am over 18 years of age.
    • I came to the GrungeGuys Gathering intending to enjoy other dirty wet men, and to be one myself.
    • I am a man of honesty, responsibility, and integrity, and I will comply with House Customs and Rules.
    • I will hold Gathering site property owners harmless for any injury or loss to my person, vehicle, or property.



  • Camp in mowed areas only.
  • No vehicles in camp, except loading & unloading.  (Motorcycles & campers OK.)  Keep vehicles parked in the upper pasture.
  • Orient your camp away from property lines.
  • Sleep in the barn if you like, or on the sleeping platform across the creek from the Mess Hall.
  • No clothes hanging on fence.
  • Minimum-to-zero lights, music, & machine noises.
  • No loud partying in tent areas, just conversations.



  • If you're not comfortable camping, the closest motel is the Holiday Inn Express in Lincoln.  A little south of Lincoln is the Thunder Valley Casino & Resort.
  • There is no special motel rate for GrungeGuys.  (The Gathering doesn't generate much motel revenue.)
  • Registration rate and meals are the same for motelers as for campers.  You eat food and use hot water and toilets regardless where you sleep.
  • We'll miss the pleasure of your company while you're at the motel, and you'll miss some fun while commuting back and forth.  No drunk driving!!



  • Meals provided:
    • Thursday:  Lunch & dinner
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Monday:  Breakfast
  • Everybody participates in KP.  If you don’t volunteer, you’ll be recruited.
  • Bring ice and/or a cooler if you can.
  • BYO beverages, snacks, favorites, & specialty items.
  • Put food in refrigerator; drinks in coolers.  Keep closed!
  • Cans & bottles are not trash – put in recycling area.
  • Please don't feed the dogs.
  • Put food away and keep lids on trash cans so dogs don’t get into it. 



  • Neighbors are not queer.  Please be discrete.  We live near these neighbors every day, and want mellow relations.
  • Stay clear of property line.  Be aware of neighbor sight-lines. 



  • Vehicle parking in upper east pasture at end of driveway.
  • Camping in front west or rear west pasture.
  • Stay out of front east pasture unless accompanied by hosts.
  • Stay out of house and garage unless accompanied by hosts.
  • No more than 3 guys upstairs in the barn. (It's rickety.)
  • Please no pets; we have enough of our own!
  • Pick up trash anywhere you find it.



  • Clothing mandatory!  Boots and jeans required.  Jackets, shirts, & leather encouraged but optional.
  • No exposed private parts outdoors, except for pissing.
  • Nudity optional in tents & stone shower.  No nudity elsewhere.
  • Don't leave your stuff behind.  Pack it in, pack it out.



  • Stay out of sight & hearing of neighbors.
  • Mudding, dunking, and pissing freely.
  • Grease and oil only in the Lube Shop.
  • Barn & Mess Hall play anytime.
  • No shouting or load moans - keep it mellow!
  • No outdoor sex displays.
  • Very quiet after sundown.  Sounds carry in the country!



  • Mud & dirt:  Wash off chunks in the ditch (irrigation canal) or mess hall shower (NOT stone shower).  Use stone shower for final clean.
  • Greasy oily GrungeGear:  Wear it or keep it in your camp.  Take it home with you please (unless you find a willing taker).
  • Greasy oily bodies:  Wipe off with rags in Lube Shop.  Rub on plenty of mechanic’s degreaser before shower, then shower.
  • No dripping oil outside the Lube Shop.  Inside, clean it up! 
  • No grease & oil in stone shower except after degreasing.  Leave the shower cleaner than you found it. 
  • Anybody who plays in the Lube Shop gets to help mop up on Sunday. 
  • Bring plastic bags to pack GrungeGear for your travel home.



  • No commercial photography.
  • Copy pics/vids to Webmaster.
  • Many pics will appear on
  • Respect all requests for no photos.
  • Make “no photo” requests clearly & calmly.



  • Absolutely no fireworks or campfires.  Smokers, be very very careful with your fire.
  • If you use any gas appliances, turn the gas tank off when you're done.
  • Be careful walking on uneven surfaces, climbing rocks, falling in the creek, etc.
  • Watch out for sharp corners in the stone shower.
  • There's a first aid kit above the medicine cabinet in the mess hall galley.
  • If you're ill or have an infection, please stay home and be cured.
  • Do not start or move any vehicle if you're blood alcohol is over the legal limit.



  • Ed and Tim own the property, and have final say so on any question or issue about the Gathering and guests.


  Yes, I want to come to the GrungeGuys Gathering!
  My registration signifies that I agree to abide by these House Customs & Rules.




1.  Send new blank email to with subject line GGG Registration.  (This is an un-monitored account, so no message text is necessary or will be read.)

2.  Shortly, you will receive an automated reply email containing a registration link and password.  Remember the password and click the link.


3.  At the Eventbrite registration page, choose the nights you'll stay and other options you want.


4.  Complete registration payment with PayPal or credit card.


5.  A confirmation email will be sent, including links to map and hotel info.