#122 -- 26 January 2014

Muddy Wranglers, T-Trucks, Beer -- A Perfect Afternoon!

 What's New

  ! ! !   NEWS FLASH   ! ! ! 
2014 will be the final GrungeGuys Gathering  
We've decided to sell the place, and expect to put it on the market in August. 
If you've never been to a GrungeGuys Gathering, this will be your last chance, unless another GrungeGuy buys the property and continues the Gatherings
Contact the Webmaster if you would like to own this beautiful ranch, the central piece of GrungeGuys history.  We're hoping to hear from you!

Yahoo Grunt & Growl has been gaining subscribers.  Guys are using it to find other GrungeGuys nearby.  But it can be more fun too!  Tell us a grunge story!  Put your pics up! 
Check out the GrungeGuys Tumblr photo blog at  Plenty of hot Grunge material on Tumblr!  Some of it on Grabs.

108 hot new pics on Grabs

18 USC 2257 -- is no longer an adult site, thanks to the dopey morality law known as 18 USC 2257.  On GrungeGuys, the Guys in the pics are dirty, but the pics are legally clean.  (At least I think so -- please let me know if you find offensive pics.)  Luckily, this site doesn't have to be hard core to be fun!

This website is dedicated
to all GrungeGuys

Guys who enjoy getting really dirty & wet wearing boots, jeans, leather, and assorted GrungeGear.  CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN! 
Clinging, scuzzy, wet clothes, slippery
GrungeGunk all over, squishy boots, shiny jeans, and sleazy fun with other GrungeGuys are celebrated on these pages. 

It's totally hot, and completely street legal!

If ya got comments, stories, pics, or suggestions,
E-mail the WebMaster BikrCowboy

If you notice any pics on this site that don't belong here, 
tell the WebMaster and we'll deal with it.

Special thanks to Sludgemaster for consenting to use of the dripping man logo.
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