Almost all pics on this siteare taken by GrungeGuys and submitted to the WebMaster.
Some pics are download from other websites, but very few.

A thousand thanks to all the guys who originally posted Grunge pics on the web, and consented to their use here!  Their generosity enabled GrungeGuys to get going.

But even though there's lots and lots of hot pics here,
So please send in your best pics!      Send several!
 Some ideas for great GrungeGuys Pics:

Things to show:

#1 = Grunge !!  Gotta have it! 
GrungeGunk on GrungeGear on GrungeGuys
Show your Grunge downtown, at the fairgrounds, park, lumberyard or yer favorite GrungeGear store. Let all the world see and get off.
Show that Gleam we all love, the sun shining on greasy jeans, the glint of a flashbulb off wet leather.
A lot of GrungeGuys dig pics with Faces.  If you show a guy's face, tell him that he might become famous on GrungeGuys, and be sure he likes the idea.  
Layers of UnderGear always work. 
Use a hot Background if you can, one that relates to GrungeGuy stuff.
GrungeGuy Accessories (tools, trucks, GrungeGear, etc.) make a more interesting picture.

Things to avoid:

Bathtubs or showers or sitting in front of the computer are fun, but usually a last resort.  Grungy locations, both outdoor & indoor, are much hotter.  Go out to the garage instead of the bathroom.
Models Posing, pretty boys, & twinks are a turn-off.  This site is for regular guys.
Too much Skin.  Clothes (and other GrungeGear) make the GrungeGuy!  We don't post naked pics -- you can get that anyplace. 
Scat stinks!
Big files  Keep it under 100K bytes if you can.  I'll shrink 'em if you don't.

Grunge is mandatory, not a suggestion!  The rest are not rules, just preferences.  I'm sure you can find an exception to every single one someplace on this site.  The bottom line:  If it's shows good grunge, send it in!  

No hard dick skin shots please!  We gotta be sure that no one gets corrupted looking at this site.  We wouldn't want to offend anybody or get thrown in jail.

So, clean pics, dirty guys please.  However, as I hope you agree from looking at these pages , 
dirty pics are not required to make this a very fun site.  

 The WebMaster gets 100% say-so on whether to include any pic!

I hope you don't object to any of the pics on this site, but if you do, please let me know right away.

Send in your hot pics now!  Attach to email.