GrungeGuys Links
Many thanks to all of the sites below.  They're a source of inspiration, not to mention many boners worldwide. 
There are some really hot sites out there!  Check 'em out!
 Grunge Sites 
Other sites by & for guys who dig serious Grunge play 
Sludgemaster Roststocker Steppenbrand PissPigs
Get Wet Boys Chicago Water Buddies
Rank, Ripe & Raunchy Liquid & Leather Pleasures Wet pants in Houston
kluci v pochcaných džínách Bandit fetish site WetGuy Schlammtaucher (Mud Diver)
Dick Wadd personals USA Piss PSGS - Palm Springs Gay Water Sports
Gaytower Mud Pages Cream In Your WaterBoys
Coyotes MudBuddies Muddy Booted Guys Wetlandz
Male Gunge Nasse Jeans Sun Sex Sea BrandnIron Wet Jeans Swimming Fully Clothed MudStud
And a TON of Clubs & Groups on Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
There are dozens, and they change all the time, so I won't try to list them here.  You gotta be a member to log on, so if you're not, you can't get in anyhow.  So go find these clubs on your own.  Search the club listings for your favorite Grunge terms.  There's some great stuff out there.
 Video Links 
Video clips you'll enjoy, not necessarily grungy 
Dancing Miners Fired Rugby pissing    
Urinal piss dive 'Pee Power' Drives Students' Car How to use the urinal  
Muddy loggers & Carhartts Sometimes a Great Notion PissPigs Icy leather dunk

Pee Machine

Swords Biker initiation Never give you up
Cowboymwz's video channel Hosing his constituents Your tax dollars at work Wall street hosers

Bloodhound gang - Piss on Depeche Mode

Bloodhound Gang - Piss on Depeche Mode again - Zagreb Tractor Supply Company - Boots Lineman TV
$50 to piss your jeans Avenging Force - Dudikoff vs Masked Man Monkey needs a drink Google Video - Piss diver
Jeans pissin on TV Stuck truck music

Oil rig dance

Wet jeans gymnast

Piss diver

2006 Lineman's Rodeo Levi's creek commercial Drinking Piss for Ł20
Ripsaw - wet ride Monkey pee Pond mudding Pissed Buffalo Jeans
Also, be sure to search around Xtube and YouTube for more fun stuff.
 Not Quite Grunge Sites 
Cool sites, but not necessarily grungy or erotic
Turning astronauts' pee into a tasty sport drink The Acid Sweat Lodge Jeans Club  
Levi's Pushes Dirty Jeans to Save the Environment | The Stir Vitambi Springs - | Florida Wilderness Resort and Campground Children Need More Dirt to be Healthy Why do people like to eat and buy and sing about dirt?
The 17 all-time worst bathrooms The Body Odd - Hipster or health hazard? Dude dons dirty jeans for 15 months to find out ......ACTION RIGGER. ..... The Selvedge Yard
Mike Rowe Works Thermochromatic urinal Paris underground

ToughGuy Challenge

Wear your jeans continuously for months Being dirty means you're a filthy, happy fella My life as a bootboy Video game piss control
HawgsDawgs Smelly urine samples needed Mud season has its sunny side
Our Muddy World World mud bowl championship They duct taped me to a tree so they could pee on me all day!
Sniff the dirty jeans Wet Cowboy Uri-Lift Forget gas & batteries
Queensland Dirt & Dust Festival Bailout compared to pissing your pants BibSwimmer wet fun Lineman's Barn - poleclimber gear
Wii Pii Pii Urinal Sculptures Busted peeing in the sink
Summer Redneck Games Swamp Soccer Piss Art Cold Water Boot Camp
J-Lube FAQ Cowboy Frank Huberd's Boot Grease
Drink piss to sell Diesel jeans Chicago Cubs Urinal - $4,025

Psychic urination
Wild Bunch of Hollywood Fucking Austria

Science news:  Dirt makes you Happy

Cowboy Up Montana Roadhouse
FBI obscenity squad recruiting Chris Meloni pissing in Oz Mouth Urinal Torn Jeans
Urine-powered battery Mud-powered battery You're in control (Urine control) Kros Mobile Urinal 
Madsons Gemplers Men Under  
RogueDenim 2003 Mud Run Classic boots & jackets The Bulge Report Clyne Farm Rabbbit Creek Mountain  Recon
Hot to Frot Parabooteaux Amsterdam Urinal Fly
Asparagus Pee  Crankcase oil toxic FAQ

Anaconda Hunter

Big Black Boots Predator Pee RebelRider ATV Stadium Pal
PI55 Beer Underwear Studs Mountain bike racing ( Renegade Racing Motocross
Shiloh Ridge 4x4 Blunders ATV Extreme Utilikilts
Turkish Oil Wrestling Okie Noodlin Mudders WebRing
Foster Mud Flats (

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